HK Rugby 7's

Terms & Conditions of your Sevens Tickets
Please read all of the information below about the application process and ticket details carefully and make sure you understand it before you commit yourself to anything.

In determining ticket allocation, the club uses a rating criteria.  These include (and are not limited to) the following:

  • Regular attendance at training and league games / tournaments,
  • Mini players for whom this showcase will be their last chance to play in the pre-Sevens event,
  • Coaches, first-aiders, team managers, committee / board members and people who have contributed to the club in a voluntary capacity,
  • Attendance at club events such as the Ball and Quiz nights,
  • Other contributions to the club, its members or its mission (e.g. sponsorship, affiliation, bursary support of a player in need, etc.),
  • The ordering of tickets within the ballot period (i.e. not later than 4 December 2017)
  • Ticket payment not later than 18 December 2017 (being on Christmas holidays will not be considered an excuse).     

Unwanted Tickets

The HKRFU has severe penalties for both individuals and clubs with regards to ticket touting or profiting from the sale of Sevens tickets. As with previous years should tickets be unwanted after distribution they can be swapped or sold on via the club Facebook pages.  Tickets MUST be sold at face value for the day.  Any party found to be selling on tickets at a profit will have their tickets taken from them and will not be allowed to apply for tickets the following year.


Ticket applications are only available online. PayPal, cheque and online payments will be accepted. To pay online, follow the prompts when ordering tickets.

NB! Payments made via ATM transfer will be considered Club donations and will not be recognized as payment towards tickets.

The admin fee is non-refundable.  T-shirts, once ordered, cannot be returned, but you may sell them on our FB page.

2018 Ticket Applications

As a member of the Pirates, you are entitled to apply for tickets* depending upon your membership status.

Applications for tickets are open until midnight 4th December 2017. Any applications received after this cut-off will not be allocated.

For the 2017 Sevens you can apply for:

Mini & Youth Playing Members

2 tickets per member, as follows:

  • Minis:  1 x adult, 1 x child ticket
  • Youth: 2 x adult tickets (including U13’s who will be 12 at the time of the event)

Due to the expected shortage of child tickets, we may have to introduce a further set of criteria for allocating tickets. Many children do not attend all three days of the Sevens and as a result swapping of tickets does occur at the last minute. This year when you applying for child tickets we will ask you if you need:

  • tickets for your child for both the Mini's showcase and the March Past or just the day you play.
  • You will also be given the option to purchase an adult ticket for them on the Sunday. 

Please consider your needs carefully, if you need only a 1-day ticket for your child please apply accordingly. It will give us more flexibility to allocate to children who may otherwise not get the chance to go to the Sevens.

Senior Rugby Playing Members

  • 1 x adult ticket (all three days) per member or
  • 1 x Sunday ticket only.

Social, Netball & Hockey Members

  • 1 x adult ticket (all three days) per member or
  • 1 x Sunday ticket only.

We appreciate this means some families may not be able to order all of the tickets they would like.  We recommend you supplement your ticket order via the public ballot or any alternate routes you may have.    

2018 Pirates’ Sevens Ticket Pricing

Ticket pricing below includes the HKRU mandated price plus an administration fee.  You will also have the opportunity to select whether you want a limited edition Pirate supporters t-shirt.  T-shirts, once ordered, cannot be refunded but you may sell them on our FaceBook page. 

Ticket Price (exclusive of t-shirt)

   One adult - $2,050 (Fri, Sat & Sun)

   One child (3-day) - $1,050 (Fri, Sat & Sun)

   One child Fri/Sat only - $250 (Fri & Sat only)

   Sunday adult ticket only - $850 

Tickets may only be ordered in packs as above. The face value of an adult ticket as advertised by the HKRU to be:

   Adult:  $350 Friday, $800 Saturday, $800 Sunday

   Child: $75 Friday, $75 Saturday

Tickets will not be available separately, however, if you find you don’t need an allocated ticket, please email as we hold a waiting list.

Mini Players

Children 2 years of age and under will be admitted free of charge.

U6 parents: Please note under 6s do not play in the Mini-Showcase event.  Whilst we will try to allocate a ticket to these children, often allocation restrictions mean we are unable to, as priority must first go to members playing in the showcase.

If your child wants to participate in the Sevens Mini-Showcase and/or the march past held on Saturday, you will need to buy tickets for them and yourself!

Youth Players

Although we recognise that some of our U13 players will be 12 at the time of the Sevens, the Colts Association will allocate them an adult ticket and therefore we must allocate them an adult ticket. 

Ticket Distribution, further information

Tickets are expected to be received by our office in mid-March. Once allocations are finalised (it takes quite a while and is often dependant upon the mini showcase schedule being released), you will be advised, but we ask you to refrain from emailing our staff for individual updates during this time (answering your emails delays further the allocation process for others).

We will include general distribution updates for you in our newsletters.

If you have any queries regarding 7s tickets, please email

*Application for HK 7s ticket does not guarantee that your requested tickets will be allocated.

You will need to be logged in to your APPROPRIATE membership account to access the different registration types.  If access is denied, you may either have outstanding payment, or you need to send in your ID card and proof of address. 


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