Mini Hockey

The Mini Hockey set-up in Hong Kong consists of a number of clubs that offer Mini Hockey. At this point in the players development the focus is on participation and having fun and not on competitive results and winning there is no official competition running in Hong Kong for Mini Hockey. Clubs that have large Mini Hockey sections host Festivals and not Tournaments with between 4 to 5 festivals taking place through the season.

The DB Pirates Hockey section is organizing Hockey Training sessions during the coming 2019/2020 Season for children aged 5-14 years old. All Players from beginners to the more experienced players are welcome. The training sessions are conducted in English with great coaches and lots of super enthusiastic and experienced assistants!

We train every Saturday morning from the start of September to May at the DBIS pitch from 08:00am. See Hockey Training schedule for more details.

Mini Hockey Tournaments

Mini Hockey Clubs in Hong Kong host various tournaments. Currently DB Pirates takes part in 4 of these tournaments and host our own Micro-tournament every year in October. These tournaments give the players valuable game time a chance to compete and see how they how they compare to players outside of their respective training groups.

For the dates of the various Mini Hockey Festivals/Tournaments that DB Pirates take part in please refer to the Hockey Training schedule. At the start of the season a predicted date for the event is entered in to the schedule preceded by **TBC which is removed when the date is confirmed by the event organisers. For convenience the club arranges buses to and from these Festivals/Tournaments.

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