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14 Mar 2018 11:39 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Dear members,

I am excited and thrilled to announce our new DB Pirates youth program for the next 3 years.

Last week, a new HKRU structure for the youth competitions was voted in (please see attached). We are now prepared to set some solid foundations to build on our success over the years and actively start building on the current squad combined with our recruitment drive for our youth program for the next three years.

Part of the new model we are introducing is a comprehensive individual assessment for all the players at youth level. We will be working very closely with the HKRU and aligning our model with what is currently available with NAG. This new model is being used so we can track players progress from a best practices point of view and also track the individual progress of players over the season. We will be the leaders in providing this and we will also have our own club “language” playbook that each Pirates youth Coaches will have for the start of the season. We are heavily investing in the clubs future for the next 3 years.

We also understand that players all develop at different times and having the correct level of playing is important so we are looking at building a strong Division 1 and Division 2 team in each age group to cater for players of all abilities. S&C workshops, nutritional workshops, player positional workshops from some of HK and World Rugbys leading players and coaches will be held at Discovery Bay. We have looked at what our youth get currently and we believe we can deliver more and to a better quality to an international level.

We already have confirmation from Premiership clubs 6 professional coaches for the development of our youth program and to create a strong pathway for our youths future. We are also in talks with the HKRU to secure NAG coaches to assist during the season.


Elite Coaching

  • 2 pro coaches per year, including some ages with NAG Coaches
  • Strength and conditioning coach assigned to Youth section
  • High performance overnight camp

Elite Competition

  • Division 1 rugby in all age grades from U13-U16
  • At least one training session in DB in all age grades
  • NAG Selectors made aware of players

Elite Assessments & Programs

  • International standard assessment of “on field “ skills (Please see below)
  • Individualised program including Strength and Conditioning, nutritional targets
  • Rugby IQ “off field “ assessment (Please see below)

Calendar Dates

29 March: Parents evening

23/24/25 August: High performance overnight youth camp
(second weekend of ESF schools returning)
Latest techniques and drills from Super Rugby/All Blacks/Fiji/Pro 12
Defence/Attack/Phase play/Systems/Kicking/Analysis

Rugby Skills Assessment:
24 August: 
Preseason on field Rugby Skills assessment
13 March: Postseason on field Rugby Skills assessment (2019)
Players to assess their current on field skills and ability against international standards.

Rugby IQ Assessment:
25 August: Preseason off field Rugby Skills assessment
7 November: Mid season off field Rugby Skills assessment
13 March: Postseason off field Rugby Skills assessment

Rugby Skills Assessment: Example of what will be covered

Catching & Pass Lateral passing Lateral receiving Decision making
Evasion Skills change of pace Side step Swerve
Defence Tackle IQ Blitz defence Positioning
Kicking Punt Chip Place kick
Attack Positioning/alignment Identification of space Angles of run
Conditioning Fitness Test Agility Core control
Rugby IQ Assessment: Personalized SWOT analysis of the following


For any further information please email Deacon Manu at


Deacon Manu
Head of Rugby









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