The Infamous Pirates Ball 2017 Award Winners - Moulin Rouge

Chairman's Cup - Derek Finch

Lifetime Achievement - Steve Kean & Mark Shipman

Pirate of the Year - Kaz Naito

The Kay Booker Award for the spirit of Rugby - Sue Gourlay

The Leonard Cup for Mens & Youth Rugby - Mikkel Christensen

The Ryan Cup Florence Symonds & Anjelika Ybema

Ladies Players Player of the Year
Catherine Osburn

Mens Players Player of the Year 
Faizal Solomona

Coach of the Year Mini Rugby 
Ross Criddle

Coach of the Year Youth Rugby 
Bob Crozier

Coach of the Year Girls Rugby 
Meg McGrath

Netballer of the Year 
Jenny Buck

Coach of the Year Hockey
Esther Algera-Boerema

Beyond the Call of Duty 
Grant Abbott
Hannah Homa
Renee McCreadie
Jamie Dickson
Miriam Thondan
Natasha Patidar
Justin Robinson


DB Pirates Annual End of Season Ball – Venetian Masquerade 

Chairman’s Cup - Rod Dickson

Pirate of the Year - Samantha Murray

Lifetime Achievement Award - Philip Baldwin, Liz Nettleton

The Leonard Cup - Jonathan Healy

The Ryan Cup - Aileen Ryan

Coach of the Year Mini Rugby 

Derek Finch

Coach of the Year Girls' Rugby 

Nick Wade

Coach of the Year Youth Rugby 

Sue Gourlay

Netballer of the Year 

Melanie Potgieter

Coach of the Year Mini Hockey 

James Ford

Beyond the Call of Duty

Paul Udall

Jamie Stranger

Paul Hobson

Sharon McColm

Jessica Stephens

Felicity Broadley

Julie Buddle

Marion Udall

Nicola Maw

Faith Considine

Sharon McEneff

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