Bad Weather Routine


The following procedures will be implemented in the event of bad weather:

Rainstorm Warnings

  • Amber - Training will continue as usual.
  • Red / Black - Training will be cancelled.

Typhoons and Tropical Cyclones

  • Hoisting of no 1 or 3 signal - Training will continue.
  • Hoisting of no 8 or above - Training will be cancelled.

Thunderstorm Warnings

  • Severe Thunder & Lightning localised to Discovery Bay, Training will be cancelled.

Training and Match Cancellation

Coaches or team managers will advise if a match or training is to be cancelled. Coaches may suspend training sessions at any time for safety reasons. Players and parents may opt to stay at home at their sole discretion, but should inform coaches and team managers if they do so. 

For latest updates on the weather GO HERE

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