Bad Weather Routine


The following procedures will be implemented in the event of bad weather:

Rainstorm Warnings

  • Amber - Training will continue as usual.
  • Red / Black - Training will be cancelled.

Tropical Cyclones

  • Hoisting of no 1 or 3 signal - Training will continue.
  • Hoisting of no 8 or above - Training will be cancelled.

Thunder & Lightning Warnings

  • Severe Thunder & Lightning localised to Discovery Bay, Training will be cancelled.

Training Cancellation

If training is to be cancelled prior to the session start time;

  • Advice will be posted on FaceBook.
  • If training is to be cancelled after start time i.e. during training;
  • The Coaches will halt training.

For further information contact you coach and also keep an eye on the HK Weather Observatory GO HERE

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