The Infamous Pirates Ball 2017 Award Winners - Moulin Rouge

Chairman's Cup - Derek Finch

Lifetime Achievement - Steve Kean & Mark Shipman

Pirate of the Year - Kaz Naito

The Kay Booker Award for the spirit of Rugby - Sue Gourlay

The Leonard Cup for Mens & Youth Rugby - Mikkel Christensen

The Ryan Cup - Florence Symonds & Anjelika Ybema

Ladies Players Player of the Year - Catherine Osburn

Mens Players Player of the Year - Faizal Solomona

Coach of the Year Mini Rugby - Ross Criddle 

Coach of the Year Youth Rugby - Bob Crozier

Coach of the Year Girls Rugby - Meg McGrath

Netballer of the Year - Jenny Buck

Coach of the Year Hockey - Esther Algera-Boerema

Beyond the Call of Duty - Grant Abbott

Beyond the Call of Duty - Hannah Homa

Beyond the Call of Duty - Renee McCreadie

Beyond the Call of Duty - Jamie Dickson

Beyond the Call of Duty - Miriam Thondan

Beyond the Call of Duty - Natasha Patidar

Beyond the Call of Duty - Justin Robinson

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Haka Rugby Camp 
18-21 July 2017
Discovery College Pitch

New Season details coming soon!

Dragon Boat Festivals

Discovery Bay
28 May 2017

Footage from The Infamous Pirates Ball 2017 

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